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Code Dx 4.1.2

Code Dx 4.1.2 6/20/2019


  • Fixed a bug where session age limits were being improperly applied to API key authentication
  • Fixed a bug causing users to be erroneously redirected to the projects page when other projects are deleted
  • Fixed a Git integration bug related to the branch override option
  • Fixed a bug causing a potential error when displaying license hardware ID
  • Fixed a bug causing deleted users to show on the admin page with "null" for a principal
  • Enterprise+NetSec Fixed a bug causing spurious recorrelation prompts during host normalization


  • Enterprise Added some issue tracker template helpers


  • Enterprise Fixed a bug with AppSpider HTML description rendering
  • Enterprise Added request limiting to Black Duck tool connector
  • Enterprise Fixed a display issue for version-less Black Duck component reports
  • Enterprise Added support for groups to NowSecure tool connector
  • Enterprise+NetSec Added Qualys EC2 and agent host tracking methods

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