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Code Dx at RSA Conference 2020

Thanks for visiting Code Dx at RSA Conference 2020 this year! RSA Conference 2020 brings together thousands of cybersecurity experts to provide attendees with the latest and most effective solutions to the problems the industry faces. You can attend presentations and...

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Code Dx Expands Team with Industry Experts to Accelerate Growth

Code Dx, Inc., today announced the addition of Martin (Marty) Weber as Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales and the elevation of Curtis Bragdon to Vice President, Business Development and Public Sector. This announcement comes on the heels of John Stewart, former Chief Security and Trust Officer at Cisco Systems, being named to the company’s Board of Directors.


White Papers

AppSec Risk: The Dangers and How to Manage Them

Many organizations focus most of their cybersecurity budget on a few important things—network security, proper employee training, virus detection, firewalls, and policies, to name a few. All of these are crucial and necessary, but they’re only part of the grander...

AppSec Classroom

How to create an effective application security budget for your organization

Cyber security is a broad area, including several items such as network security and application security. If you are a CISO responsible for the cyber security budget, you know that proper protection is key. Cyber attacks can cost your business more than a million dollars, and that number is based on conservative estimates. The real cost of an attack includes damage to your reputation, future lost sales, and plummeting stock prices.

Code Exploits

The importance of broken authentication and session management to application security

Managing usernames and passwords has become a cumbersome task in today’s internet-driven world. However, this is a necessary evil due to the rapid growth in data, advancements in mobile and cloud technologies, and the increasing plethora of security breaches seeming to happen every other day. As a result, authentication and session management has become more advanced to protect the data, systems, and networks that our society relies upon.


Case Studies


Video conferencing security: “Zoom and doom” demonstrates AppSec threat

“Zoom and doom” and “Zoom bombing” are taking over headlines as the Zoom video conferencing app experiences very public security problems. As the coronavirus social distancing requirement spread, Zoom usage increased by 1,900 percent between December and March, increasing from 10 million to 200 million daily users. Zoom wasn’t ready for the increased demand and the added exposure to security threats that came with it.