Application vulnerability testing software – tools that help secure your software

You’ve accepted the importance of application vulnerability testing to ensure the security of your software. That’s good. There are many options available when it comes to application vulnerability testing software, so it can become confusing to know which tools are the right ones to use. Different tools identify different problems when it comes to application vulnerability testing, so you need to consider using more than one.

2017 Application security market report

NORTHPORT, N.Y. – January 23, 2017 – Code Dx, Inc., a provider of an award-winning suite of fast and affordable tools that help software developers, testers and security analysts find, prioritize and manage software vulnerabilities, today announced the 2017 Application Security Report published by Cybersecurity Ventures, a leading research and market intelligence firm. The Application Security Report, sponsored by Code Dx, discusses the rapid growth of the application security market as a result of the billions of new lines of software code being developed each year that needs protected from malicious hackers.